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Polystrong's sytem

POLYSTRONG’s piping system is intended for effective gravity-fed sewerage network. Raw material quality, quality and tools control are our top priority.
Our products are made with virgin PP-HM raw material, 100% recyclable, without additionnal mineral compound.
Compact POLYPROPYLENE system is responding to a real necessity for infrastructure managers concerned to install a reliable, resistant and performant product, made to last 100 years.


High module Polypropylene pipes ‘PP-HM) EN 1852 have profitable and specific technical characteristics :
1) Abrasion resistance
2) High mecanical resistance
3) Low temperature impact resistance
4) Watertight seal with ForshedaDinlock F 582 joint
5) Punching resistance
6) 100% recyclable
7) Suitable for industrial use
8) High temperature chimical resistance